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At first, I am in contact with Sue for SH, but never pursued. She is married but a black screw with a 9-inch cock. I have been asked to join them, but never had the courage.... until recently. was talking on MSN, by Sue. C = I got a call from her lover as he spoke and asked if I could meet. Sue asked me to join them. I thought about it and a week thinking particularly shit what the hell ? Sue and I met and went to Mike's house. Cor ! The cracked. hislut We do not hang around. At first I kissed her deeply, while Sue began to undress. She is tall and elegant. Long legs and beautiful long wavy hair. She stood with hislut her ​​bra and panties. Mike began to kiss her, so I took then. Sue began to kiss hislut me. It was so soft and smell sweet. I had never been with a woman. His breathing was calm and smooth natural virgin experience as well. She reached into her bra andThe finger in my nipples. Mike came up behind me. Now she was naked. hislut He undid her bra and gently release the weapons, while tenderly kissing hislut my neck. Sue began to edge my nipples with soft tongue. could feel Mike 's big cock pressing against my back felt great. Sue hands slid over my body on my panties. My pussy was throbbing and need. She plays with my clitoris enlarged and now only gently probed the opening of my vagina to wet fingers. He rubbed my clitoris and nipples kissed me yet. Mike kissed my lips and neck from behind. God, it was heaven. It was quiet and peaceful. Mike then lowered hislut my panties from behind. Sue stood back watching as he leaned forward and rubbed his huge black cock in my pussy juice and began to push his big head in my mouth. hislut It was unbearable. It was so great, and I was not wet enough. However, estimates softly into my hot body inch by inch fantastic. He suggested a few gentle strokes and was shard o. Sue stood in front of me and took me back, so I was back. Mike bent his knees behind me and lifted me gently from behind by what was hislut now in the air with his cock still in my pussy wet. She hislut hugged me so hard in my legs. Sue forward and started to rub my clit gently, while Mike lifted me up and down on his throbbing shaft. She kissed me gently again, but I could hardly breathe. My legs were open. I had never been in this position. Sue took her face between my legs and began to lick. My clit was on fire as she squeezed tightly between your thumb and index finger and licks it. I could no longer hold. I started getting the shaft from the hard disk in my pussy pounds. I felt the pain and cut my body, exploding with excitement. I was becoming more and more screaming. Mike was very stiff, and I knew it was coming. My pussy was very tight as it nowtook his cock from my own orgasm delivery. The muscles are rubbed on his cock and he came and hit him more. I felt the juices running down your ass. Sue was licking mine more honors and microphones. But Mike was lost, and he said he was going out. gently put me down, and I lay on the ground. Sue moved to the flood, put on my face. His thong was wet. He took him aside and explore her wet pussy with my tongue. He leaned forward again and buried her head between her legs. I opened my legs as I could. The juices flowed out of me yet. Mike must have cum in buckets. She still enjoys mixing and began responding to my tongue. I managed to put two fingers in her and she began to walk. I kept my thumb on her clitoris. We were there for a while. Mike seemed to spring from nowhere. His penis was hard again. Sue and I were involved in our 69 and knelt behind Sue. I thought hislut he wouldin her pussy, I see my finger, but he expressed his firm with its head against her bottom, about 4 inches from my face. It was sexy. While watching hardcore porn before my eyes. He pushed back to him and he was back, inch by inch with each thrust. She licked my pussy hard and deep, and asked for more. I slid my finger back into her pussy. I could feel the hard cock of Mike. He told me, twist my fingers around his penis in the way Sue straw. I've tried seems to work. I looked with surprise at hislut the huge black cock pounding in and out and in and out. Mike balls were slapping their foreheads. As much hislut as I was loving my juices tasting Sue me n on this fucking ass. Sue stopped licking me, she was about to hislut end. I added another finger inside her. It was very tight. I kept shaking her clitoris with your thumb and put in more vertical. was cupping her beautiful breasts in her bra and squeezing her nipples. Mike had a hand there. She was bucking and screaming and yelling and then he growled his body shook with the force of his great orgasm. I felt heat on my face. Sue seems that when it arises. I licked my fingers that I knew very sweet. Mike moved with his tail, which was still hard and went to wash it. Sue turned and fell on hislut his back. I hislut wanted more of this flavor. His thong was up, but soggy. I went down and dipped between her legs. Her thighs wet. I put three fingers in her pussy and licked and sucked her clit with a deep passion. Then I lifted her legs higher and probed my tongue in it. The musty smell was not unpleasant. It was hot and almost gelatinous. Sue was loving it. Mike came back and sat on Susan 's head. He held her legs for me, as he put his cock in her mouth. She was too open for me. I was able to look hislut directly at her pussy. I put my fingers back in hand began to finger fuck her hard. I leaned back and the shape of the opening lick her clit. She was loving it. Now I used my other fingers on her clitoris. I wanted to explode again. I could feel it. Mike out of his mouth and said he wanted to catch Sue. I sat down to watch. He knelt between her legs, and as he lay on his back, lifted her legs around his hips. His huge black cock looking for a place to be buried in. soon found the right place. I sat there and watched him more and more fucked up. His beautiful black muscular structure was a sight to behold. Sue grabbed his body and strength shook like a battering ram. She shook her head from side to side. I started playing with me, still dripping from my own experience this Odonis. And to think I had the opportunity of this before and refused a... Never again. Slowly Sue could not take it anymore and again began to bulge. Mike pulled his cock out and touched his quickly. She came up and poured the juice of the plant. He obviously knew that's what I could do. That masturbate cock and came across the belly and breasts. that came forward and started licking her tongue again turned to the nipples business demands. It was very salty. We spent all afternoon with much more of the same, and make an appointment next week. so.... Leave CAHPS Grupo Mallorca, if you decide to have this opportunity, like me, go for it. It's too good to pass up.

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